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About YMCA Portadown

Committed to Making a Difference

YMCA Portadown is known to have been established in 1903.

YMCA Portadown provides evening youth work programmes as well as after-school and summer clubs. YMCA Portadown puts a strong emphasis on inclusion and peace building work and works in partnership with the local schools, resident groups and other youth organisations in the area.

YMCA Portadown’s key purpose is the social education and personal development of young people regardless of their race, national origin, gender, sexuality, disability or religion.

It is achieved by:

  • Valuing and respecting young people as individuals

  • Creating a sense of belonging and association

  • Developing relationships with young people

  • Providing young people with the opportunity to influence and make decisions within the YMCA

  • Enabling young people to take more control of their lives

  • Creating opportunities in which young people can

  • Learn, develop and grow as individuals

  • Be active in all issues that affect their own lives, their community and society

  • Be involved in and influence a changing society

YMCA Portadown is managed by a local management committee of the National Council of YMCAs of Ireland Ltd.

About Us: History

Foundation Members

Back Row: J.E. Thompson, J. McBroom, V. Cust, L. McClatchey, W. Cust, W. Turner, J. Elliott

Middle Row: W. R. West, E. Yeman, T. J. West, I. L. A. Cuthbertson, J. McAdam, W. Liggett, V. Hanton

Front Row: B. Dobbin, R. Pepper, Mr. G. E. Preston, Mr. J. A. Wrightman, J. Gilpin, G. Fleming.

Pink and Teal Photo Modern Scrapbook Gen
About Us: Image

YMCA Portadown History

Pictures below from left to right;

Top left Mr. Nat Anderson owner of local pharmacy.

Top right Mr. Bob Raj, President of the Y.M.C.A - Church Place, 1909.

Bottom Looking towards Market Street - local Y.M.C.A. kids have fun on their annual fund collection day, 1960's.

YMCA Portadown History
About Us: Image
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