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Meet The Team

YMCA Portadown have a dedicated staff team who work tirelessly to provide the best service and youth provision possible.

Meet The Team: Team Members

Darryn Causby

General Secretary / National Support Officer

Darryn has been around the YMCA since he was 10 years old and now he is the big boss man. Darryn loves investing in young people as he believes all young people should be supported and encouraged in their lives.

Darryn loves the North Coast, a pepperoni pizza and sneaking cherries from the tuck shop.

Nathan White

Youth Work Programme Manager

Nathan finds it rewarding to see young people develop and flourish. Nathan loves the fun of youth work, even to the point of having more fun than the young people.

Nathan enjoys Percy Pigs, an ice cold Fanta Lemon and trips to Anfield.

Nathan oversees the youth programme and wider youth work staff. You can see him in the YM most days if you need a chat.


Arianne Cousins

Youth Worker

Arianne loves having the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of young people; from making crafts to helping them with life's tough decisions.

Arianne loves a wee bounty, 'full fat' coke and Portrush.

Find Arianne on Monday, Wednesday & Friday nights at JNR & SNR Drop In. Arianne also coordinates our volunteer team.

Graeme Lennon

Youth Worker

Graeme joined the team in September 2019 and is quickly becoming part of the furniture. Graeme aspires to be a role model in the community.

Graeme enjoys a large latte and describes himself as loyal, lucky and sincere.

Find Graeme on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday night at JNR & SNR Drop In.

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Mat Crozier

Drugs & Alcohol Project Co-ordintor

Mat joined the team in April 2021 and has been poineering the Influece project which tackles the issue of drugs and alcohol in the Portadown area. Mat loves the team spirit that is evident around the YM.

Mat loves putting young people first, enjoys time with his dogs and is a big fan of Sharon's eggs.

Megan Turkington

Youth Worker

Megan joined us in April 2021 but already feels at home! She loves getting to build positive relationships with young people and having fun competing over a board game.

Megan loves a good cuppa tea, her dog Buster and the north coast.

Find Megan on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday nights at JNR & SNR Drop In.


Rebekah Anderson

Youth Worker

Rebekah is the newest member of our team. Rebekah likes being able to play a small part in the lives of young people. Rebekah loves seeing young people find their identity and potential.

Rebekah likes original Lucozade, Hawaiian pizza and Brazil!

Find Rebekah on a Monday & Saturday night at JNR & SNR Drop In.

Sarah Causby

Youth Worker

Sarah has been around the YMCA since she was a teenager. Sarah says that if it wasn't for key youth workers in her life, she doesn't know where she would be.

Sarah enjoys a freezing cold Coke Zero, a Big Mac with extra cheese and trips up to White Rocks.

Find Sarah on a Tuesday night at JNR Drop In.


Sharon James

Administration & Support

Sharon does all the hard work behind the scenes to keep the centre running. Sharon has always loved youth work as it had an incredible impact on her life.

Sharon loves a good Sunday Roast, Fanta Orange and family holidays to Donegal.

As well as all things admin, Sharon is part of our After School team.

Tanya Matchett

Youth Worker

Tanya is a living legend who has been around the YMCA since she was a young person. Tanya loves helping young people be the best they can be.

Tanya loves Coke Zero, cola bottles and chicken chow mein.

Find Tanya on a Wednesday & Friday night at SNR Drop In.


Zoe Johnston

Youth Worker

Zoe is one of our longest serving youth workers and wants to help make a difference in the lives of young people.

Zoe loves pizza, Pepsi and Portrush.

Find Zoe on a Monday & Thursday night at JNR & SNR Drop In.

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