SPARK is a 20-week long youth engagement project. YMCA Portadown 10 young people locally who will be involved within this project who have been specifically identified through their engagement with bonfire building within their local community. While involved in this project, the young people will receive an attractive hourly salary, which will support their commitment to the project. During their time with this project, training and qualification will be provided in order to

Kickstart Project

In the YMCA we understand the impact COVID-19 has had among our children & young people and their communities. Through speaking to young people we hear of the adverse effects this pandemic has had on peer relationships and upon their mental health and wellbeing. In response, the Kickstart project is designed to support young people during and post COVID-19 as we aim to implement supportive structures back within the lives of children and young people. This project comes in 3

YouTube Channel Launched

YMCA Portadown are pleased to launch their brand new YouTube channel. Our channel has lots to offer including craft ideas, motivational talks and videos from past summer schemes and events. Please click the image below and subscribe to find out all the latest features on release. #LoveTheYM